WS Welcomes New Design Consultant to Cincinnati

The Consulting Group of Wheaton Sprague Building Envelope is excited to welcome Bob Bartolt, RA, LEED AP as a consultant to the Cincinnati, Ohio office.

Bob is a registered architect experienced in all phases of the design and construction process. He hails most recently from VSWC Architects in Mason, Ohio where he served for two and a half years as Senior Project Architect and Project Manager. Bob's previous experience is with KZF Design, Inc. of Cincinnati, Steed Hammond Paul Architects of Hamilton, Ohio, and Burgess & Niple, Ltd. of Cincinnati, Ohio. While at KZF Design, Bob worked with Mike Smith, RA, RRC, RCI, current WS Consultant and current Cincinnati Branch Office Manager.

Bob has a B.S. in Architectural Engineering from the University of Cincinnati, and is a graduate of Miami University's Department of Architecture with a Master of Architecture degree.

When not at work, Bob's life revolves around cars and car shows. He purchased his first classic car in 1995. He’d always had an interest in older cars, but wanted something unique; something people didn’t see every day. Bob chose a 1960 Studebaker Hawk and a 1949 Studebaker 2R5 pickup. He attends car shows frequently during the summer. Bob also enjoys the Cincinnati Reds (emphasizing that "enjoy" is a relative term) and works on projects around the house. He also likes to travel, garden, collect things and makes frequent visits to his mom who lives in an assisted-living facility nearby.

Speaking of collecting, Bob has over 500 vintage cigarette lighters and he doesn't even smoke! His grandpa had a couple of lighters in his drawer, including a Navy one from World War II, and one with pin-up girls on it. At a young age, he decided that lighters would be a neat thing to collect, especially unique ones. Other collectibles include coins, sports memorabilia, and art.

To stimulate his creative side, Bob has taken up painting on canvas, but not with oil paint or acrylics. Instead, he uses spray paint. A few of his paintings have even been sold.

Bob loves to eat ice cream and his number one flavor is mint chocolate chip.  He always enjoys a good pierogi too. No thank you to sushi, he has a strong aversion.

Bob believes that the best thing about architecture is the creative process, whether that means how the building will look, or how a wall section will be assembled. According to Bob, every building is one-of-a-kind and has to function greatly on many levels.

According to Michael Smith, Branch Office Manager, "Having Bob Bartolt join our Cincinnati Office brings added depth to our highly qualified and experienced team. I have known Bob for over 30 years and have tremendous respect for his skills as a practicing architect and building envelope specialist. Bob has well-rounded experience with a variety of complex buildings. Over the years, Bob has led design teams on several K-12 schools, military installations and other public and institutional buildings. Bob is a knowledgeable and detail-oriented, technically-proficient architect with a deep understanding of buildings and cladding systems. I am excited to be working with Bob again and look forward to applying our collective skills on projects. Bob will be a great asset to our team and to our clients."