WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff is conducting final design to extend light rail from Seattle to the eastern suburbs of Mercer Island and Bellevue across Lake Washington. The project involves constructing light rail on a floating bridge for the first time, and includes two new stations as well as retrofitting two existing roadway tunnels to accommodate light rail. The line was approved at a total project cost of $3.7 billion and will host approximately 50,000 riders per day.

The new Mercer Island station will allow for increased promotion of mixed-use development at the city’s town center, and a decreased ride time to Bellevue. Construction on the station began in 2017, and construction and testing will continue on the light rail through 2022, opening for service in 2023.

The Cary, NC office of Wheaton Sprague Building Envelope provided complete structural analysis, stamped calculations and related coordination for the ACM panels, the stainless-steel panels, the stainless steel perforated panels, the AEP span prestige panels, and the flat seam roof panels described in the documents provided by Kenco Construction.