We offer consulting services for all building envelope systems—cladding, waterproofing and roofing. We utilize roofing, waterproofing, and building envelope expertise to assist clients in the design and technical consulting needed for an effective and efficient comprehensive building envelope, whether for new construction, renovation/restoration, rehabilitation or historic renovation/preservation.

We provide specialist consultation on roofing design, technical specification, roofing & waterproofing assessments; failure analysis, forensic investigations, roofing failure analysis, roofing designs & life cycle cost analysis, and design for historic preservation of building facades & roofs.


Our consulting staff includes a Registered Roof Consultant (RRC), Michael Smith. Michael is not only a Registered Architect but also a Registered Roof Consultant. RRC is a highly respected registration earned through a rigorous program of qualifications and testing through Roofing Consultants International, Inc.