There are many problems that can occur with regard to the new construction of the building enclosure, curtain wall systems or roof systems of a building. Our experience and expertise is applied to each phase of the design and construction process in an effort to ensure that all of the issues related to the building envelope are being handled properly.

We provide timely information to support the design and construction process, and integrate our services to effectively support the design and construction team. We have received significant affirmation as to our involvement in collaboration in the design process, our professionalism and presentation skills when involved in a short list interview, and in our ability to work in an ongoing fashion with the design and construction team.

In general, our services may include the following:

  • Review of design intent and system concepts
  • Provide performance specifications
  • Assist with detail development
  • Review mock-up submittals and observe testing
  • Review of product data and shop drawings
  • Provide field and in-plant observations and field water testing