Wheaton Sprague Building Envelope offers specialized expertise in Masonry Wall Systems for existing building envelopes, restoration of building envelopes and historic preservation projects. This expertise is based on a deep understanding of the historical development of masonry wall systems and materials incorporated with new technologies and materials.

Services include building envelope assessments, investigations, renovation, remediation and repair, and restoration of masonry wall systems.

Barrier Wall Masonry Systems

Throughout history, most of the masonry that was built was constructed as a barrier wall. To resist water penetration, the wall relied on its mass and completely filled mortar joints. Today's modern masonry barrier wall is often single wythe construction where the exterior surface is designed to resist weather penetration. Concrete masonry units and hollow clay masonry units are used to construct these types of structures. These units utilize different surface treatments to assist in creating the barrier. Those surface treatments can include opaque elastomeric coatings and clear water repellents. The use of integral water repellents in the concrete masonry units, as well as in the mortar, has proven beneficial in reducing moisture penetration.

  • Mass Masonry
  • Composite Masonry

Water Management Masonry Systems

Preventative waterproofing can help stop leaks before they happen. Maintaining the mortar joints in high maintenance areas and keeping the surface protected with waterproofing measures will ensure a prolonged life to the building, keeping it free of major repairs in the future, and thus reducing the cost of future repairs.

  • Cavity Wall Masonry
  • Brick Veneer Masonry
  • Rainscreen Masonry