Laboratory Testing

In collaboration with the Project Team, we can assess that the Glazing Contractors performance mock up test program is properly planned and conducted. We can recommend test specimen size / configuration based on project design criteria and other factors.  We can recommend appropriate test facilities with AAMA accreditation.

We can review and comment on mock-up drawings and structural calculations for technical merit; as well as review and make recommendations on samples and other product information related to performance mock up components.

We observe and witness the installation, pre-testing and final performance testing of mock ups at an AAMA accredited test lab facility.

We provide a written and photographic report of observations and recommendations, and will review and comment on the laboratory report and as-built performance mock up shop drawings.

Field Testing

We can provide field testing services for air and water infiltration as required by project specifications; or we can observe and report on testing performed by others, and document remedial procedures as a result of test failures.

For roofing systems, we can provide test cuts and chain of custody services.