We offer full-service designdrafting, and structural engineering for building envelope, exterior cladding and curtain wall systems. Services include: system design, structural engineering, shop drawings, fabrication / production drawings, engineering consulting, and related services.

Engineering services are an investment in your project, not a buy out item. They are not "static" and all engineers are not created equal. Price is certainly a consideration if two firms provide equal value, but good engineering can actually save money in fabrication and installation, and bad engineering can break the job and cause considerable stress to the PM in charge. At Wheaton Sprague, we acknowledge that engineering is an investment for our clients. That's why, at Wheaton Sprague, Creating Structure® is how we do business.

WS has expertise in these types of cladding systems.  See our professional engineering registrations here.

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Our engineering services include:

and related services

Our clients include glazing subcontractors and suppliers, panel subcontractors and suppliers, stone consultants or subcontractors, skylight / slope-wall or other architectural specialty subcontractors or suppliers, manufacturers, construction managers and more.

Catalog of Engineering Services