Whether to prevent an intentional act of devastation or an accidental explosion, it is critical that a member of our design team has a specialized expertise in the design and analysis for blast and weapons effects on the curtain wall or facade.

We offer the following blast analysis and design services:

  • Analysis of glass lites utilizing Wingard Software to determine if a particular glass lite meets the specified response criteria, and to determine the ultimate glazing capacity of the glass lite based on specified requirements
  • Understanding of balanced design philosophies and capable of designing curtain wall or cladding systems based on that philosophy
  • Understanding of ISC Security Design Criteria, UFC 4-010-01, and ASTM F-1642-04
  • Determination of the acceptability of curtain wall and window framing systems in meeting specified requirements using Single Degree of Freedom (SDOF) Dynamic Analysis
  • Curtain wall or facade designs based on SDOF Dynamic Analysis in response to a specified threat
  • Analysis of connections of framing members based on specified requirements
  • Analysis of anchor conditions based on specified requirements
  • Complete calculation packages for glass analysis, vertical mullion design, horizontal mullion design, framing connection design, and anchor design for window systems and curtain wall systems.

For more in-depth needs, we utilize Weidlinger Protective Design for blast resistant protective design and analysis services.

Here is a video of a curtain wall blast test:

Curtain Wall Blast Test at University of Kentucky