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Why Choose Wheaton Sprague?

Consider Wheaton Sprague as the consultant of choice for the enclosure or curtain wall of your project. 

  • PRACTICE: Wheaton Sprague has increased credibility as a consultant because they also practice engineering, providing diverse resources and practical solutions for each issue.
  • LEADERSHIP:  Experienced industry professionals who have provided leadership to client teams relative to the building envelope or curtain wall requirements of a project. more
  • QUALIFIED PEOPLE OF INTEGRITY: Qualified, experienced professionals with in-depth, real world building envelope and curtain wall experience, not just on drawings, but on the side of buildings. more
  • CLIENT CARE: We strive to have early involvement so that we can address potential problems. more
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE: WS has been ranked by risk management associations as a top tier professional services firm in the Building Envelope industry. more
  • DIVERSE RESOURCES: Full engineering division, integration of PE's, latest versions of AutoCAD, BIM, Blast and Thermal Analysis resources, current technical library. more

Download resumes for our consulting leadership team and a published article by Mark Coulis, Sr. Design Consultant and Consulting Division VP at the bottom right of this page.

WS's Consulting Division can also provide access and coordination for engineering services should a P.E. Stamp be required for your project.