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  1. Engineering
    1. Thermal Analysis & Design
    2. Fabrication Services
    3. Blast Analysis & Design
    4. Shop Drawing Services
    5. System Design
    6. Building Information Modeling
    7. Design, Drafting & Modeling
    8. Structural Engineering
    9. Full-Service Design, Drafting, Engineering
    10. Systems Expertise
    11. P.E. Registrations
    12. Portfolio Highlights
  1. Consulting
    1. Why a Consultant?
    2. Why Wheaton Sprague?
    3. When Should You Hire A Consultant?
    4. Cladding Consulting Services
    5. Curtain Wall & Cladding Expertise
    6. Roof & Waterproofing Consulting
    7. Masonry Consulting
    8. Historic Renovation & Preservation Projects
    9. Portfolio Highlights
    10. P.E. Registrations
  1. Envelope News
    1. How to Specify Photovoltaics
    2. Wheaton Sprague Hires in the News
    3. WS Golden State Project in the News
    4. 5 Key Takeaways From the AIA’s New and Improved Architect Scope Documents
    5. Construction workers among most likely to abuse opioids
    6. Catching Rays: 6 Phenomenal Photovoltaic Façades
    7. More Construction Growth on Tap for 2018
    8. ASHRAE releases new version of Thermal Comfort Standard
    9. Automation is on the horizon for the glass industry
    10. Photos of 2nd and Pine
    11. Mixed-use Dubai tower will have the world’s tallest ceramic facade
    12. Architecture Billings Index backslides slightly
    13. GANA and NGA: Combination FAQs
    14. AIA contract document updates include new BIM, digital data provisions
    15. The Blog of John L. Wheaton: Token
    16. WS Hires Client Relationship Leader
    17. North Carolina Office welcomes new Project Design Technician
    18. New Project Tech in NC
    19. Anthony Mangione Moves to Consulting Division
    20. Building Envelope Commissioning
    21. Getting to know our new Senior Consultant, Paul Griese
    22. GANA and NGA: Creating the Unified Voice for the Glass and Glazing Industry
    25. WS Announces the Hiring of a new Senior Consultant
    26. Built to Last: 7 Zinc Roofs That Will Stand the Test of Time
    27. The Blog of John L. Wheaton: Hats
    28. Tap into the true pulse of your company with these 14 tactics
    29. How Instagram is changing the design industry
    30. WS Project at Duke University in the news
    32. Washington D.C. Becomes First LEED Platinum City in the World
    33. WS Welcomes New Design Consultant to Cincinnati
    34. News of WS Growth makes US Glass News
    35. Three New Hires Join Wheaton Sprague
    36. Looks like a fish bowl, but feels like home
    37. WS Consultants attend AIA Ohio Valley Region Convention
    38. Blame game over falling panels at U.S. Bank Stadium
    39. NGA and GANA Move Forward on Combining Associations
    40. 2nd Annual Employee Golf Outing
    41. WS Customer Thankful in the midst of the storm
    42. Wheaton Sprague Sponsors PEDCO Conference
    43. Irma's Impact on Glass Businesses Uncertain
    44. 5 reasons why AEC firms need to focus on employer branding
    45. Wheaton Sprague Project: JHU Children's In the News
    46. Wheaton Sprague Employees Capture Solar Eclips
    47. WS Minnesota welcomes new Assistant Engineer
    48. The roof is nearly closed on the new Milwaukee Bucks arena in downtown Milwaukee
    49. WS President Requested to Serve on NGA's Advisory Council
    50. General Contractor Sues Jangho for Breach of Contract
    51. Revit Live Projects Show Off New Potential for BIM and VR
    52. WS ARTIC Project Featured in Commercial Architecture Magazine
    53. Researchers develop a new solution to protect deteriorating marble
    54. Summary of the Federal Historic Preservation Program
    55. The All-New
    56. Codes & Standards
    57. Blast Mitigating Glazing
    58. WS Posts Position for Senior Structural P.E.
    59. WS Project is Lead Story for Retrofit Magazine
    60. WS Seeks Relay Team Members for Akron Marathon
    62. Everything Architects Need to Know About Metal Cladding
    63. How Well Do You Know Green Building?
    64. Construction sites will be human-free by 2050, according to Balfour Beatty
    65. Concern rises over updated fall-protection guidelines
    66. How Digitization Will Reshape the Building Industry
    67. How to Extract Maximum Value From Your BIM Investment
    68. AEC President Talks Chinese Aluminum at AAMA Conference
    69. Institute Issues Recommendations to the 45th President
    70. This is the world’s first building completely 3D printed onsite
    71. AAMA Releases New White Paper about Aluminum Fenestration and Energy Efficiency
    72. Company says it will 3D print a skyscraper
    73. The Construction Industry is Short on Human Workers and Ripe For a Robotic Takeover
    74. Looking Ahead: 8 Architecture and Construction Industry Trends for the Next 30 Years
    75. What's the BIM deal?
    76. Southwest Airlines Is My Airline Of Choice. Does This Affect You?
    77. PPG to exit glass business by year's end
    78. National Fenestration Rating Council’s new U-factor standard open for public comment
    79. National Institute of Building Sciences Becomes ICC Preferred Provider
    80. NMAAHC’s Distinctive Bronze Scrim is Profiled by Metal Architecture Magazine
    81. ISO Releases Solar heat Gain coefficient Standard for Fenestration Systems
    82. WS Employee Is Volunteer Firefighter
    83. New research supports the business case for LEED
    84. How Architect Feedback Helped Develop a Superior Skylight
    85. Apple to Make Significant Investment in Corning's Glass Production
    87. Apogee to Acquire EFCO
    88. Specsheet>The latest developments in glass and curtain wall systems
    89. U.S. Construction Spending Highest Since April 2006
    90. Menlo Park: A Project in BIM
    91. Fifth tallest tower in the world opens in Seoul with the world’s highest glass-bottomed observation deck
    92. Build Your Building’s Resistance
    93. BIM: What do owners want?
    94. The Next Frontier for 3-D Printing is Here: Glass
    95. Fire resistive glazing systems provide architects, owners and envelope consultants assurance of documented performance
    96. AAMA releases new standard test method of static loading and impact on exterior shading devices
    97. Chicago's new Apple store sports nearly invisible roof
    98. 3D, 4D modeling during design can make construction safer
    99. This speculative skyscraper would be suspended from an orbiting asteroid
    100. Time machine tests cool roofs
    101. Reflecting and refracting the politics of glass architecture
    102. Top 10 Project Starts in the U.S.
    103. The retail renaissance part I: How architecture will shape the future of shopping
    104. Duluth's top 10 endangered historic properties listed
    105. NRCA announces Gold Circle Award winners
    106. Bosjes Chapel in South Africa features a sculptural, undulating roof
    107. Pre-construction Management Tips for Software
    108. The Basics Of Curtain Wall Construction
    109. Kengo Kuma’s Latest Renovation Project Features an Aluminum Jigsaw Façade
    110. Maximizing the Building Envelope
    111. Little Caesar's Headquarters Construction Begins
    112. Chicago tower to feature retractable roof
    113. BIM + other software = safety, profit
    115. Cleveland Among Cities That Offer The Best-Paying STEM Jobs
    116. What's New with the Codes?
    117. Amazon Headquarters first building complete!
    120. What is a building envelope design professional?
    121. Keep it transparent in 2017
    122. New Industry Outlook Report Available
    123. New Glass Information Bulletin (GIB): Building Energy Performance Criteria Terms and Reference Related to Glass and Glazing
    125. 5 Rules To Optimize Roof Daylighting In High-Performance Buildings
    126. Supertall Models: SOM on the Ingenious Engineering Behind Record-Breaking Architecture
    127. Report: 20% growth in jobs in solar energy field
    128. NRCA expresses concerns in letter to Vice President-elect Mike Pence
    129. WS Employee Recognized for Service To GANA
    131. Report Says Collaboration Can Reduce Risk
    132. Color Me Trendy—How Color Highlights Importance in the Built World
    133. An office building proposed for Norway would generate more power than it uses
    134. Walls That Breathe: 7 Buildings Clad in Perforated Bricks
    135. Radical Façades: 7 Modern Buildings Hidden Behind Decorative Screens
    136. Proposed ASTM test methods support growing use of liquid-applied polymeric roof membranes
    138. Architectural Expansion Joints E-Book
    141. Concerns Rise over Famed Chanel Glass Façade
    142. Israel builds world's largest solar tower
    143. NCGBCS White Paper Looks at Role of Existing Building Codes
    144. The WBDG Whole Building Design Guide® Gets an Overhaul
    145. Rendering Heaven: This Triple-Screen Laptop Is a Dream Setup for Architectural Visualization
    146. Beyond the Battle for the Wall
    147. Wheaton Sprague Recycling Archives
    148. New, flexible solar film adheres to roofs
    149. NACC Releases 2017 Procedural Guide
    150. NRCA offers updates for the NRCA app and Professional Roofing app
    152. Pushing the Building Envelope: Metal Products for Creating Striking Façades
    153. Drone's Eye View the new WS Headquarters
    154. Up-close with world's largest piece of curved glass at Apple HQ
    155. Rendering to Reality: 12 Remarkable Building Brought to Life in 2016
    156. A-Listers: the Top 10 Architectural Movie Posters
    157. Latest tech devices simplify the leap from BIM to virtual reality
    158. WS Project Makes List of 10 Architecture Firms to Watch in 2017
    159. WS Project Makes Top Five Coolest Buildings of 2016
    160. USGBC Ranks Top 10 Countries for LEED
    161. Successful Design Assist!
    162. Up to 25% of US electricity needs could come from rooftop solar
    163. The Changing Face of Facade Design
    164. Exterior Metal Walls: Moisture And Thermal Management
    165. WS Consultant moderates panel for CSI meeting
    166. International Aluminum Group Forms for “Fair Trade”
    167. The Architecture of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
    168. WS projects featured on top ten skyscrapers list
    169. How Construction Companies Are Using Virtual Reality to Plan, Build and Manage Complicated Projects
    172. Orangutan's Rock Fixation Causes $198,000 Window Replacement at St. Louis Zoo
    173. Take advantage of NRCA University's customized training
    174. AAMA Updates Document for Impact-Resistant Products
    176. 7 Ideas for Dressing Up a Building Façade
    177. Fundamentals and Tools for Specifying for Glass Façades
    178. New P.E. in Oregon
    179. NMAAHC proves architecture is still relevant
    180. WS Move in the News!
    181. How Much Rain Does a Rainscreen Screen?
    182. Spanish Steel: 9 Stunning Metal Façades
    183. Great Glazing: Mall of America Expansion
    184. The National Glass Association Introduces the All-New
    185. Elon Musk unveils new Solar Roof, Tesla Powerwall 2, and Powerpack 2
    186. 17 Essential Apps for Architects
    187. Considerations For Performing Thermal Improvements To Existing Facilities
    188. Smithsonian Program Executive to Keynote Building Innovation
    189. Sterling Jewelers set to bring $18 million building expansion, up to 200 jobs to Akron
    190. Construction Industry Looking At Medical Marijuana Policies
    191. Wheaton Sprague has made a move!
    192. Soprema expanding manufacturing at Wadsworth campus
    193. ASHRAE/IES publish 2016 Energy Efficiency Standard
    194. Milwaukee Bucks Arena Construction Progress
    195. The Smithsonian Institutions' NMAAHC Opens!
    196. Institute to Begin “Mitigation Saves Version 2”
    197. WS Project: 970 Denny in the news
    198. A first for multi-colored ceramic fritted channel glass
    199. Wheaton Sprague Honored with Cascade Capital Award
    200. Facade Tectonics: A Thorough Recap and Review
    201. National Trust for Historic Preservation releases list of 11 Most Endangered Historic Places
    202. Reshaping Construction and the Building Envelope
    203. New FAA rules on drones to benefit roofing industry
    204. WS employees visit AAMA Conference
    206. Architectural Record's Top 125 Buildings
    207. Vintage Drafting
    208. Deer Busts into Tim Hortons Through Window
    209. National BIM Guide for Owners Now Available for Public Review
    210. Shatter-[Resistant] Glass Helped Prevent Further Injuries in Chelsea Bombing
    211. The Roofer’s Roof: Solving the project enclosure challenge in winter and inclement weather conditions
    212. Buildings That Defy the Horizon Line
    213. AAMA Updates AW Testing and Specification Document
    214. A hidden epidemic: Construction suicide data draws industry crisis into the spotlight
    215. Augmented Reality: A look at its AEC marketing applications
    216. No Takers for World's Tallest Stained Glass Mural in Dubai
    217. Wheaton Sprague Museum Project In the News
    219. WS Proud to provide services on the Oregon Health & Sciences University
    220. WS Project Goliath Progress Report
    221. WS featured as founding member spotlight
    222. State of the Industry Report 2016
    223. 3 Innovations Revolutionizing Roofing Restoration
    224. WS commits team to Akron Marathon
    225. Dodge Momentum Index jumps in June
    226. GlassCon Brings Attention to Laminated Glass, Codes and Railings
    227. WS Employee Part of GANA new website reveal
    228. Is Interchangeability the Future of Facades?
    229. WS Amazon Project In the News
    230. WS Consultant Becomes CSI Member
    231. Why we're obsessed with building tall
    232. National Glass Association Announces Glass Magazine's Annual Top 50 Glaziers
    233. Study: Glazing Market Still Growing
    234. How Some Businesses are Preparing for Hurricane Season
    235. A New Green Building Manifesto
    236. AAMA Releases 2015/2016 Market Studies, Predicts Fenestration Industry Trends
    237. WS Clearview Project: Construction Photos
    238. Commercial Buildings and the Retrofit Opportunity
    239. NGA Architect Guides Now Available on GLASSDOCS.COM
    240. Kawneer's New Parent Company Name Announced
    241. Green Building Makes 'Cents' for Commercial Market
    242. Architects for WS Walgreen's Project Wins Award
    243. EE Global Forum Zooms In On Policy
    244. Resilience Building Coalition Release Progress Report
    245. Project Profitability: Budgeting Project Design Costs
    246. Colorful animal sculptures coming to Cleveland’s Public Square
    247. 9 Must-See TED Talks for Architects
    248. Your Source to Finding U.S. Float Lines
    249. Construction Pics of Florida Baptist Hospital
    250. Stephen DeSimone on the structural engineer’s role in facade design
    251. 2nd & Pine Progress Photos
    252. Major Industry Challenge
    253. Cleveland Federal Building First High-rise Under Glass
    254. Celebrezze tower renovation subject of documentary
    255. Amazon Headquarter Progress Photos Block 14
    256. Amazon Headquarters Rufus Block 19 Progress Photos
    257. Construction Employment Up in 43 States for the year
    258. 1 Essential to Building Great Organizations
    259. Momentum Index Dips for First Time in Four Months
    260. Tubelite expands Therml-Block product offering, introduces TU24650 storefront
    261. Walters and Wolf Expands Solar Solution with Vista Solar
    262. New Approaches to BIM and Collaboration
    263. New opportunities, challenges keep Top Glass Fabricators innovating to meet demand
    264. Zaha Hadid: A Look Back at the Architect's Product Designs
    265. Federal Safety Glazing Standard Takes Effect in April
    266. 3D printing software churns out giant projects in one pass
    267. WS Project Featured in Great Glazing
    268. 432 Park Avenue North Named 100th Supertall Skyscraper
    269. The Green Facade
    270. The science of glass development
    271. Glazing's role in energy consumption
    272. How to 3D Print a Building
    273. Increasing urban populations demand innovative green spaces
    274. The National Glass Association and Glass Magazine Launch
    275. Why Projects Run Over Their Design Budget
    276. Glass – a versatile material for construction and architecture
    277. Trends in Automation – Building Information Modeling, Part II
    278. NACC for Glazing Contractor Certification
    279. Testing Thermal Performance of the Building Envelope
    280. 10 Outlandish Architect Projects Made Possible by Engineers
    281. Profitability through Strategic Project Management
    282. WS Consultant Achieves "Historic" Milestone
    283. WS Appoints New Branch Manager
    284. WS Professionals Support the Glass & Glazing Industry
    285. Industry Innovations
    286. Ask this before agreeing to be a sub
    287. The Greenest Building is Already Here
    288. Glazing industry construction trends
    289. Our Work in Pictures
    290. WS Appoints Minnesota Office Branch Manager
    291. Fire raises questions about cladding safety practices
    292. Government miscalculates a decade’s worth of data
    293. Going retro: three types of curtain wall retrofits
    294. Living Building is Net-Zero Energy
    295. The Clark Center - in the News!
    296. Clarity on the Glass Industry's Rising Prices
    297. Trends in new construction
    298. Through the Lens: 8 Aperture Inspired Window Designs
    299. Skyscrapers Begin in Chester, of course
    300. Buildings to watch for in 2016
    301. WS Spotlighted on NCSEA Website
    302. WS Stops By UC Nippert Stadium
    303. Industry Trends
    304. Glass Meets Tech: High-Performance Architectural Glass
    305. How to be a greater asset to General Contractors
    306. Taking Stock of the Glazing in Commercial Buildings
    307. 52-story Mixed-Use High-Rise will be Tallest Building on Florida's West Coast
    308. Wheaton Sprague is Decking the Halls!
    309. Guardian Expands Continuing Education Offerings
    310. Temple University Project is an AIA award winner.
    311. WS Provides Thermal Training from NFRC Technical Director
    312. WS Project "ARTIC" wins WAN'S 2015 Transport Award
    313. WS Does Rhino!
    314. Site Selected for New WS Headquarters
    315. Bearcats Fan Gets some pics of our work at Nippert Stadium
    316. More Construction Growth on the Way in 2016
    317. WS Marathoner Pics Now Available
    318. WS Technicians Receive Inventor Training
    319. Extraordinary Buildings in the News
    320. Top 4 World's Best Tall Buildings of 2015
    321. WS Provides Inventor Training
    322. BIPV Market Overview 2013 - 2019
    323. WS contributes to Kraus-Anderson Blog
    324. AIA National Committees Nominations
    325. Deer crashes through classroom window
    326. A WS Project: Port of Miami Wins Big!
    327. WS Runs the Race
    328. Renderings released for new WS Project in Utah
    329. WS Project Featured in Properties Magazine
    330. NFRC’s New Rating Tool Approaching Release
    331. John Wheaton Blog Article Released in Glass Magazine
    332. WS Project Cited for U.S. Steel Industry's Top Building Award
    333. WS Consultant Quoted in Article for Buildings Magazine
    334. Current Pictures of ARTIC Made Available
    335. AAMA Addresses Condensation in New Document
    336. An Action Plan For Collaboration
    337. WS Project Makes Magazine Cover
    338. A New Vision
    339. WS Project: new residential colleges at Yale
    340. WS Stadium Project Featured
    341. Glass Magazine Award Winner!
    342. Walgreens Hawaii Flagship Store Wins Award
    343. John Wheaton Quoted on the "X" Factor
    344. WS locations in the news!
    345. WS Project Featured in Business Insider
    346. Amazon Block #14 Jobsite Pics
    347. Product Disclosure: Opportunities and Challenges for the Building Designer
    348. Six Creative Claddng Materials
    349. Top Facade Products
    350. WS Designers examine Software Workflows
    351. WS Progress Photos of 432 Park Ave., New York
    352. GANA and Climate Resilient Design
    353. WS Project: Mall of America Under Construction
    354. Caring For Today's Architectural Glass
    355. Go Bearcats! Renovation on track for Nippert Stadium!
    356. WS Headquarters in a place of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship
    357. New Certification Program Aims to Put Glazing Community Ahead of Curve
    358. Architect's Guide to Complex Façades
    359. WS invited to provide Curtain wall project feature
    360. USGNN Newscast Features John Wheaton, Green Award Winners
    361. WS opens office in Cincinnati
    362. New WS Project
    363. WS VP Visits Dixie Clock Tower
    364. WS Project Update: Artic
    365. The Latest Trends in Unitized Curtain Wall
    366. J.U.M.P. Project Update
    367. The Future of Glazing Technology
    368. A WS Minnesota Project Under Construction
    369. WS Staff Architects Present Rhino
    370. WS Project Featured in Architects Newspaper
    371. The Future of Sustainable Buildings
    372. Material Explorations for the Facade
    373. WS Minnesota Office Ads More States
    374. Props Given to John Wheaton's New Blog
    375. Introducing William J. Hockman, AIA
    376. 80% of Construction Firms Plan to Expand Headcount in 2015
    377. Introducing Grant Austin
    378. Introducing Andrey Schuster
    379. The Blog of John L. Wheaton
    380. Construction Forecasting for 2015
    381. 2014 Best Tall Buildings Now Available
    382. The Glass House is Green!
    383. WS Project Chosen as One to Watch in 2015
    384. The role of the Thermal Envelope
    385. Wheaton Sprague Project Wins USGlass Magazine 2014 Green Design Award
    386. John Wheaton highlighted in Glass & Glazing MVP Blog
    387. WS Engineer Received Notice of NCEES Record
    388. WS project wins Architects Newspaper best of design award
    389. Best Practices for Revit Performance
    390. Jon Ishee Promoted to Sr. Project Manager
    391. Wheaton Sprague Celebrates Employees
    392. WS Celebrates the Season
    393. Date for Abstracts Extended for IBPSA
    394. Transparent PV windows are getting closer to reach the markets
    395. Curtain wall: The More You Know
    396. Architect's Newspaper Best of Design Awards
    397. Port of Miami Tunnel Regional Best Project of the Year
    398. WS LEED List
    399. Wheaton Sprague joins USGBC
    400. Revit Tutorial in WS Blog Posted in The Revit
    401. Wheaton Sprague BIM Coordinator Speaks to Northeast Ohio Revit User Group
    402. WS Hires Additional Project Design Technician for NC Office
    403. WS Project Wins Green Design Award from US Glass Magazine
    404. Wheaton Sprague Blog Post picked up on CAD Digest
    405. WS Blog: CurtainwallBIM passed 20,000 Views
    406. WS Seeks to Hire Experienced Project Engineer
    407. WS Mentoring Program at Work
    408. Methods for Creating Resilient Communities to Be Addressed at Upcoming Institute Symposium
    409. The BEST Place to Be
    410. Discover How the National BIM Standard-United States® Can Improve Project Delivery
    411. AIA, CSI, and NIBS Publish Updated US national CAD Standard
    412. North Carolina Welcomes Assistant Engineer, James Sudano
    413. WS Welcomes Don Allcorn, RA
    414. WS Welcomes Project Design Technician, Adam Ladouceur
    415. WS to provide BIM Services (09.2010)
    416. Show Us Your Green!
    417. Wheaton Sprague Engineer obtains additional Licenses
    418. Wheaton Sprague 20th Anniversary Celebration
    419. Architects to Help Promote NIBS Performance-Based Guide
    420. Americlad Architectural Metal Products
    421. Wheaton Sprague Celebrates 20th Anniversary
    422. Barnes Jewish Hospital, Washington U School of Medicine
    423. Wheaton Sprague Gives Back
    424. Car Talk on Engineers
    425. Construction Economics
    426. Vision Task Force Foretells How Projects Will Be Built in 2021
    427. CEOs Announce Major Commitment to Promote Resilient Planning and Building Materials
    428. ARTIC project receives AIA award for use of BIM
    429. USGCRP Releases National Climate Assessment
    430. Co-op Students in Action at WS
    431. New Energy Codes Gaining Traction
    432. WS Attends 2014 BEC Great Lake Renaissance Symposium on High Performance Building Enclosures
    433. WS Marketing VP Inducted into SMPS Hall of Fame
    434. WS Obtains Thermography Training
    435. Rafael Vinoly Lecture: 432 Park Avenue and Other Towers
    436. WS Purchases 3D Printer
    437. NBIMS-US V3 Voting Results Are In
    438. John Wheaton Guest Panelist at BEC Conference
    439. John Wheaton Interviewed at BEC Conference
    440. BEC Presentations Offer a Close Look at Three Top Industry Topics
    441. WS well represented at GANA BEC Conference
    442. Glass Industry Stays on Top of Building Enclosure Commissioning
    443. John and Frances Angelos Law Center Continues to Win Awards
    444. WS to Present to GANA Technical Committee
    445. Supreme Court to Hear Industry Challenge to New EPA Regulations
    446. Successful Designs for Curtainwall Attachment
    447. WS Celebrates 20 Years in Business
    448. Rain Screen Principle Wall Designs
    449. WS Adds Development & Communications Position (07.2013)
    450. WS Expands Design - Drafting Department (09.2012)
    451. What is Wheaton Building Envelope? (06.2012)
    452. WS Achieves Small Business Status (07.2011)
    453. Wheaton Named CEO Of the Year (01.2008)
    454. WS wins largest contract in its history (11.2007)
    455. Extending BIM Into the Future of Project Workflows
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