Wheaton Building Envelope, PLLC

Wheaton Sprague has an office in Cary, North Carolina that also operates in the state of North Carolina as Wheaton Building Envelope, PLLC (WBE). This is a separate company from Wheaton & Sprague Engineering, Inc, affiliated through common management, and authorized by the State of North Carolina to provide Professional Engineering services in the state.

Craig Mertz, Branch Manager, and a North Carolina Professional Engineer, is the resident P.E. for Wheaton Building Envelope in North Carolina. Led by Craig and John Wheaton, who is also the president of Wheaton Sprague Engineering, Inc., our clients will experience the same great service and delivery they've come to expect.

So if you have a project that needs a North Carolina stamp, please contact the North Carolina Branch, called Wheaton Building Envelope, PLLC.

Can this branch perform engineering services for your work even if the project is not in North Carolina? ABSOLUTELY!

WS can provide just about any P.E. Stamp needed for projects in the vast majority of the U.S. See our complete map of Professional Engineering Registrations.

Wheaton Building Envelope, PLLC
Wheaton & Sprague Engineering, Inc.
125 Edinburgh South Drive
Suite 204
Cary, NC 27511    
(919) 234-0184
Email: office@wheatonsprague.com