Consulting Services

Wheaton Sprague is a professional services practice with a staff of designers, consultants, architects, engineers and LEED AP’s with technical focus on building facades, building roof systems, waterproofing, and building enclosure systems.  We endeavor to provide clients worldwide with pragmatic, value-oriented solutions utilizing specialized technical expertise in the design, engineering, construction, manufacturing, forensic analysis, repair and renovation of curtain walls, cladding, building envelope and roof systems. 

Our Consulting Division advises architects, owners, insurance companies, attorneys and similar clients on all matters related to exterior cladding systems and system design:

  • working independently and directly with clients
  • peer-reviewing and reviewing documents and submittals for appropriate technical content and constructability
  • providing code consultation
  • checking curtain wall and/or exterior cladding systems for air/water integrity
  • solving complicated system design problems and providing workable solutions.

See our Specific Client Types and Services for each type of client.

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