Curtain Wall and Other Industry Terms

Searching for a term relative to the building enclosure industry that you have heard and have no idea what it means? Search no more. This comprehensive directory of building envelope industry terminologies can help.

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HEADING: A: AAMA through Awning

HEADING B: Baffle through Butt Joint

HEADING C:  Camber through Cut Stone

HEADING D:  Daylight Opening through Durability

HEADING E:  Edge Blocks through Eyebrow Window

HEADING F:  Facade through Free Standing

HEADING G:  Gas Fill through Guard Rail

HEADING H:  Hair-Line Joint through Humidity, Relative

HEADING I-K:  ICC through Kicker

HEADING L:  Laminated Glass through Low Emittance Coating

HEADING M-N:  Marble through NFRC

HEADING P:  Panel through Projected Window

HEADING R:  R-Value through Rough Opening

HEADING S:  Safety Glass through Switchable Glazings

HEADING T:  Tempered Glass through Travertine

HEADING U-V:  U-Factor through Visible Transmittance

HEADING W:  Warm-Edge Technology - Window Wall